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Q: Why is milk pasteurized and what is pasteurization?

A: Pasteurization is the process of heating milk to at least 71 degree celsius for 15 seconds to remove milk-borne pathogens. This simple process destroys harmful bacteria while maintaining milk’s quality, taste and nutritional value.

Q: Can I freeze dairy foods?

A: Yes and no; each dairy product is a bit different.


Freezing does not harm the milk but does cause the milk to separate, changing its texture and appearance, and possibly affecting its taste. If you must freeze milk, ensure there is extra space in the container to allow for the liquid to expand.


Cheese can be frozen at 0 degrees Celsius or lower, but it may become mealy and crumbly when thawed, best used in salads as toppings or in cooked dishes – preferably as soon as possible after thawing. Some cheeses are better frozen than others.


Freezing yogurt is safe, but will change the consistency and quality of the product. In some cases, freezing yogurt – specifically if planning to use in smoothies or as a frozen treat – may be preferable. Just make sure to use the frozen yogurt within four months.

Q: How long will our cheeses last?

A: The life on our cheeses varies:

  • Our cheddar cheeses come with 1 year expire date (when frozen)
  • Once opened our cheese is good for 2-4 months.

Q: How long will a cheese last once opened?

A: We advise that our cheeses will last 2-4 months once opened. You should keep them wrapped and in your fridge. After this amount of time will normally start to dry out on the exterior this can be cut off or grated.

Q: I'm dairy intolerant. Can I eat ghee?

A: Typically if someone has a dairy intolerance, it is an intolerance to casein (a protein in milk) and lactose (the whey). Ghee contains neither. When prepared in the traditional way, the casein and lactose are removed, therefore making ghee tolerable for those who can’t eat dairy otherwise.

Q: How can I use Ghee?

A: Ghee can be used ANYWHERE you would use butter or cooking oil! That is to say that you can for daily spreading, sautéing, baking, roasting, frying, dollop, glazing, fry or massage with it! Think…veggies, meats, grains, baking…the possibilities are endless. The versatility that our Ghee can be used with, is found on our Instagram page.

Q: What is the standard delivery time for Khaas Products?

A: The standard delivery time is 1 day.

Q: Where does Khaas Foods offer retail service?

Khaas foods offer Bulk Retail Service all over Pakistan and product delivery service in all areas of Lahore.