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KHAAS Butter

Khaas Foods brings you the best butter in Pakistan that is 100% made from the milk and fresh cream of our Australian cows. It has a soft and creamy texture with a rich taste of sweetness. 

We provide fully organic butter in Pakistan at a fraction of the market price. All of our processing machinery, such as pasteurizer, cream separator, and all of our stainless steel storage tanks are imported from Italy and Holland which gives us a competitive edge over the local dairy brands.


Best Butter in Lahore, Pakistan

We are highly focused on the quality of our dairy products. Therefore, all of our operational procedures adhere to the international hygiene and quality standards. Our staff/factory personnel go through a strict hygiene check to ensure compliance with international dairy standards. Moreover, our factory premises are completely sealed, leaving no chance of bacterial and other harmful contamination. Our butter is produced using the highest standards of hygiene and quality control, ensuring that it is always fresh and delicious. After quality tests, it is then transported in temperature controlled reefer containers to be delivered to you.


Address: 246 A1 Block St, Guru Mangat Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab

UAN: 0311 1556622

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Working Time: Mon-Sat 10a.m to 6p.m


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